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Your Price: $79.95
Item Number: ORGANS13

Cost: $79.95 +$8 Shipping and Handling (total $89.95) this unique set of 6 –One-half hour Joy of Music programs can be yours!  That’s a savings of 30%!

(May also be ordered separately at $20 plus $5 Shipping & Handling)

 Programs included:

  • 2714  Grace Cathedral, San Francisco,– One of the great Aeolian-Skinner organs in the United States
  • 2604  La Madeleine, Paris – Camille Saint-Saens was organist here.  The horizontal trumpets are stunning.
  • 2703  Warsaw, Poland – One of the great organs of Warsaw at St. Anne’s
  • 2312  St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh – The stunning new Red Rieger organ of St. Giles Cathedral
  • 2111  Bern, Switerland – The new organ of the Bern Cathedral, Switzerland
  • 9513  Merseberg Germany Cathedral – This magnificent organ was played by Franz Liszt.